Expand your markets - Success in other countries

You will be familiar with Situation 1:
When you talk to someone you have known for a long time there is a rapport between you - you and your audience share knowledge and experiences. Misunderstandings are rare. There is no need for extensive explanations because YOU SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AND YOU HAVE A SIMILAR CULTURAL BACKGROUND

You may be familiar with Situation 2:
You are visiting the offices of a foreign client. English is the mutually accepted language of communication. On arrival, you are welcomed by a large announcement board in the entrance hall informing you that the meeting room is on the first floor. Are you sure you know on what level the first floor is?
In a meeting, some people are "using their hands" to emphasize statements. Can you interpret their gestures correctly? Do you recognize when someone is politely saying “no", using the word “yes"? EVERYONE IS SPEAKING ENGLISH BUT THIS ENGLISH IS BASED ON DIFFERENT CONCEPTS AND CULTURAL BACKGROUNDS.


Our suggestion:
Get to know the background of your client or target group. Find out, for instance, whether a product name means something ridiculous or offensive in the target country. Avoid marketing slogans such as “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux" or naming a car „Nova". Do you think Germans know what “High Five" means? CONTACT US!

Our team is international. So far, we have done business in Asia, in Europe and in the USA. We can help you avoid costly errors. We offer customized training to make intercultural communication more successful. COMMUNICATION IS OUR BUSINESS

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