- Introduction and general information on the target country
- Work place behaviour
- Etiquette
- General information on the country (school system, social structures etc.)
- Role play
- Language

Making your documentation and your product fit for the targeted market segment.
What is the difference between translating and localising?
The basis for the translation is the source text which means that for instance names remain unchanged. During localisation, the translator will check whether names mean something different in the target country or whether a concept needs to be adapted.

Making your technical or legal documents available in another language
Languages: E.g. Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish as well as Bulgarian, Czech, Russian
Text types: Technical manuals, machine readable informationen, marketing, legal contracts
Prices on request.

Being on-site when you communicate with others.
Languages: E.g. Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as Czech and Russian. Consecutive and simultaneous. Prices on request.

- Languages, cultures and computers – this is our world
- We help you communicate more effectively
- We make computer manuals understandable for the user
- We test the usability of localised software
- We write technical documentation in many languages
- We interpet – simultaneously and consecutively
- We work for courts, lawyers and certified accountants
- We inform you about cultural differences
- We offer to manage your translation processes
- We network world-wide

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