Lotte Neiffer

CCN - Computer Consult Neiffer GmbH
Friedrich-List-Str. 60
D-71032 Böblingen
Telefon (0 70 31) 22 50 26
Telefax (0 70 31) 22 59 35

Umsatzsteuer-ID: 17093DE135163225

Born in: Stuttgart, Germany.
Has: Masters Degree in “Applied Linguistics“ from the University of Mainz
Speaks: German, English, French, Spanish and some Italian
Is: Honorary Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, La., USA
Has worked in: Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Taiwan
Achievements: Founded CCN GmbH in 1986. German court attested legal interpreter. Establishing a network of more than 100 freelance professionals worldwide
Member of: “American Chamber of Commerce in Germany”, FCEM, TIAW, VdU
Nominated: To represent Germany in the competition for the “FCEM - Woman Entrepreneur of the World 2004” award
Teaching experience: Lecturing at the Universities of Mainz (D) and Edinburgh (UK); “Intercultural Communication” seminars; IT training; language training for advanced students
Hobbies: Contemporary American, British and German literature, riding, inline skating, travelling

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